Top Picks For Fathers’ Day

Looking for the perfect pair of socks for Fathers' Day? Check out our top picks for 2022!

Fathers’ Day mean seem a long way off right now, but trust us – it’ll be here before you know it, and of course you’ll want to be ready with a thoughtful gift for Dad to make him smile and start his day right when he wakes up on June 19th.

Socks are a classic Fathers’ Day gift since time immemorial, and with good reason.

They are ALWAYS useful. Dads (like most of us) always seem to have a pair of boring, holey old socks still lurking in the sock drawer. Maybe even more than one. Nobody knows why these offending articles are allowed to remain. So let’s get them moved on (into textile recycling please, not landfill!😉 ) and replaced with something bold, bright and FUN.

Whatever you do, you MUST NOT present your dad with plain socks (*shudders*) on Fathers’ Day morning. You know he’s a Dude, so choose socks befitting of a Dude. Luckily for you my friend, you are in the right place. The Doris & Dude webshop is jam-packed with socks of the brightest, boldest and most dude-like styles. And what’s more they are all made to our superb, super-soft sock formula, with sustainable bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester (and packaged with recyclability in mind), so you know they tread lightly on the planet – a perfect little sustainable Father’s Day gift.

To help you out, we’ve selected our top picks for Fathers’ Day gifts here:


For Big Feet – UK size 11-14 (EU 46-50)

Doris & Dude
Sky Blue Seagull Socks | UK Size 11-14 (EU 46-50)

Our extra large range of sustainable socks also features dinosaur socks and llama socks!

Match with the Kids!

These roarsome dinosaur socks are also available in ranges for the whole family: UK size junior 9-12 (EU 27-31), UK size 3-7 (EU 36-40) and UK size 11-14 (EU 46-50).

For Foot Health

Doris & Dude
EasyFit Red Llamas | UK Size 7-11 (EU 41-45)

EasyFit socks are designed to promote good foot health, with a softer grip at the top, looser fit, and conical shape, making them ideal for sufferes of diabetes, oedema and swollen feet. Read more about the benefits of EasyFit on our blog: EasyFit Socks for Foot Health.

Feeling inspired? Why not head over to our webshop to browse the full range of totally funky and sustainable socks to find the perfect pair for your dad this Fathers’ Day.