New Year’s Resolutions – Going Green

Grab some tips on going green for 2022!

January is here again, and at this time of year, whilst we hide from the weather and wait (im)patiently for Spring to arrive, many of us will be tentatively choosing a new year’s resolution and thinking about what we want for 2022.

With the climate crisis higher on the agenda than ever before, and COP26 still fresh in our minds, sustainable living might be something you’re considering for your new year’s resolution this January.

There’s certainly a lot to think about, from what you eat and where it comes from, to single use plastics, to how you get from A to B. But don’t get bogged down and feel like going green is going to be hard work. Perhaps try getting specific on a couple of things you think you really could swap in your day-to-day life, and in our experience, one swap soon leads to another. And before you know it there you are, making sustainable swaps here there and everywhere. And guess what, they are easier to keep up than a gruelling fitness regime or ambitious diet!

Let us help you out. Clothing is a subject that’s easy to overlook on a green agenda, but the textile industry actually has a huge impact on the planet. Environmental groups estimate that fashion accounts for around 10% of ALL carbon emissions on Earth. Choosing brands that use sustainable and/or organic materials and ethical production methods is a great way to make your change here. You could seek out pre-loved clothing shops, restyle or upcycle your old items, and recycle any unusable textiles instead of binning them – there’s a lot of fun and creativity to be found here!

So the next time you realise your sock drawer is looking shameful, don’t chuck them in the bin and head out to the nearest value fashion chain store…

  1. Dispose of your old socks responsibility (or have fun turning them into something surprising!)
  2. Choose some funky new pairs from the Doris & Dude webshop. Our supersoft sock formula contains 40% bamboo, 40% organic cotton and 17% recycled polyester, and will be delivered to you in recyclable packaging, so you can keep your conscience green!

Here’s a few pairs you can find on our webshop right now to get you going:

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Happy New Year!