New Collection! Autumn/Winter 2023

Doris & Dude Launches Exciting New Sock Collection for Autumn/Winter 2023: Embrace Comfort and Sustainability, and Inject Some Colour Into Your Morning Routine!

Doris & Dude Launches Exciting New Sock Collection for Autumn/Winter 2023: Embrace Comfort and Sustainability, and Inject Some Colour Into Your Morning Routine!

Step into Autumn with Style and Sustainability

The wait is finally over! Doris & Dude, the beloved sustainable fashion brand, is back with a captivating new sock collection for Autumn/Winter 2023. Known for its vibrant designs and eco-friendly materials, Doris & Dude continues to redefine the world of socks, combining style, comfort, and sustainability in one perfect package.

Embrace Sustainability with Bamboo and Organic Cotton

Doris & Dude has always been at the forefront of environmentally-conscious fashion, and their new collection proudly continues this tradition. The socks are crafted from a blend of bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester, threee eco-friendly materials with numerous benefits.

Bamboo is a wonder plant that grows rapidly without the need for harmful pesticides or excessive water consumption. It’s incredibly soft, making the socks gentle on the skin while providing excellent breathability, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day long. Additionally, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making these socks ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, is cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring a lower carbon footprint. The combination of bamboo and organic cotton creates socks that are not only comfortable but also sustainably made, reducing the impact on our planet.

Fresh Colours and Classic Designs for All

Doris & Dude’s new collection is a treat for both men and women, with sizes to fit everyone, including extra large in UK size 11-14 (EU 46-50). Fans of the brand’s iconic designs like seagulls, puffins, and sheep will be thrilled to find these classic patterns in refreshing new colours. However, as always a few surprises are in store in the form of funky new styles, featuring playful monkeys and cheetahs, adding a touch of adventure to your sock drawer.

Perfect for Autumn Delights

Autumn brings its own charm, and Doris & Dude has captured the essence of the season in its latest collection with delightful hedgehogs and their “raining cats and dogs” designs. For those seeking extra warmth and style during colder months, the knee-length socks for women are a must-have accessory.

Christmas Collection – Festive Fun For Feet

As the festive period approaches, Doris & Dude brings joy with another special Christmas collection for 2023. Get into the Christmas spirit with festive designs featuring robins, Christmas trees, and snowmen, available in sizes for both men and women. These socks make the perfect stocking fillers and add a touch of crazy to any winter outfit.

New Season, New Products

Doris & Dude is introducing exciting brand new additions to their lineup this season. Following the success of the women’s TOAST collection, there are now TOAST socks for men too, a double thickness collection in UK size 7-11 (EU 41-45), a game-changer for winter wear. Ideal for wellies, walking boots, or even just cosying up indoors, these socks offer unparalleled comfort and insulation.

Additionally, in their first ever move away from footwear… handwarmers join the Doris & Dude family! Crafted with the same super-soft formula as their beloved socks, one size fits all, and with six delightful designs to choose from, these handwarmers are a must-have accessory for the colder days.

With Doris & Dude’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, you can step into the season with style, comfort, and a commitment to sustainability. Embrace the playful designs, indulge in the softness of bamboo and organic cotton, and make a conscious choice for our planet. Upgrade your sock game and show off your personality with every step you take. So go on, inject some colour into your morning routine, and start your day right!