Lockdown SockCycling: Part III

Don't bin old socks! Ideas for the sporties and the insta beauty addicts in this instalment of SockCycling!

Welcome to the third and final instalment of our Lockdown SockCycling mini-series, with weird and wonderful uses for old socks (well, anything’s better than landfill).

In Part I we offered up easy sock craft projects for you, for the kids and for the pets. In Part II we had useful uses for a DIYer and a more in-depth project for the crafters. And here in Part III we have something for the sporties and one for the insta beauty addicts. So just like our fun and funky ranges of bamboo and organic cotton socks, we think we have something now for all the family!

Let’s crack on sock lovers.

For the Fitness Fanatics

We know you guys are super excited to be back in the gym this month, after months of zoom classes, using random household objects as make-do fitness equipment and punishing lonely runs in the freezing weather outside. But let’s not romanticize this – exercise = sweat = rotten smelly shoes. Banish the stink from your trainers with a home-made shoe deodoriser. Pop a couple of teaspoons of baking soda into your old (clean) sock, tie up the end and leave overnight in the offending footwear to absorb the pong. Proper job.

For the Insta beauty addicts

Let’s face it these lockdowns have given us ample time to master all sorts of tricks we just never got round to before, from contouring to French plait hair designs (that’s if you managed to tear yourself away from another lengthy box set or jigsaw puzzle). But did you know a sock can be used to create an impressive yet casual up-do? Presenting the sock bun. This may require some practice but we think it’ll go well with the contouring techniques you’ve also been working on whilst stuck at home! We’ll have to refer you to youtube here to get it from the pros.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our little SockCycling series, and maybe even had a go at some of the ideas. As long as you’re not putting your old socks in the bin we’re happy! (Psst – many councils now collect textiles with kerbside recycling). If you’ve tried any of these projects send us a photo!

And now with all those old socks used up there’s only one thing for it – get some new ones!