Lockdown Sockcycling – Part II

In Part II of this mini series we have an old sock project for crafters and DIYers

As Lockdown in the UK starts to ease we hope you’re looking forward to getting out and about a bit more and enjoying browsing in actual shops again! Time to give your scroll-down finger a rest. Remember that your local independent retailers will need your support to get back on their feet after such challenging times and will be delighted to see you.

But perhaps you’re still looking for some activities to fill those evening hours until you can meet in the comfort of the pub again? (Let’s be honest those drinks and BBQs in the garden aren’t quite so appealing in current temperatures!) Well, look no further sock lovers, here we are with Part II of our Lockdown Sockcycling blog! Thank goodness.

In this instalment we have a sock craft each for you crafters and DIYers.

For the crafters

Choose a selection of brightly coloured and prettily patterned socks to make a draft excluder. Cut the feet off and sew together into a long tube and fill with stuffing and rice to keep the winter chills from your door. Functional, and undeniably funky.

Thanks to Jillee at One Good Thing for this how-to guide. We love the way Jillee has also repurposed old pillow stuffing rather than buying new for this project.

For the DIYers

Old socks are quite handy for protecting your shoes, door knobs and other small bits and bobs from paint splashes when you redecorate. A simple trick but pretty useful so stick a few in the toolkit ready for next time.

If these weren’t for you, fear not. Why not check out Part I of our Lockdown Sockcycling mini series for some fun recycling ideas for you, the pets and the kids. And look out for Part III coming soon which will cater for the fitness fans and beauty addicts.

But above all remember that textiles don’t belong in landfill – even if you don’t feel inspired to try our re-use ideas, just be sure to pop your old socks into proper textile recycling (many councils offer it as part of regular kerbside collections).

And if you do have a go at any of these, we would LOVE to see a photo of the results! Happy Recycling!