Lockdown SockCycling: Part 1

Fun and easy ways to not send your old socks to landfill!

Well here we are in UK Lockdown 2. Perhaps you’re wondering what to do with yourself, perhaps you’re wondering where you can find enough hours in the day. So why not ditch the boring zoom meetings and homeschool headaches for a day, and lighten up with one of these easy sock craft projects instead with our new mini series of Lockdown SockCycling! Besides, your sock drawer will get a good clear out ready to accommodate the lush new D&Ds you got for Christmas – it’s a win-win.

First up it’s You, The Kids and The Pets.

For you

Doris & Dude

Soothe away the stresses of the day or muscle aches with a homemade heat pack. Half fill your sock with rice, tie a knot in the end, and job’s a good’un. Pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and r e l a x …

If you’re feeling more ambitious you could nicely sew it shut and sprinkle with your favourite aromatherapy oil.

For The Pets

Doris & Dude

Fun and games for your furry friends! For dogs, tie a few socks tightly together to make a tug-of-war toy. For cats slide in a toilet roll tube and fill with some stuffing (no, not the paxo type) and a pinch of catnip. Make sure to supervise your fur babies with your creations.

For the kids

Doris & Dude

Get creative with the kids with a classic sock puppet! Give them funny faces with buttons, googly eyes, pipecleaners, pom poms or whatever else you can find. Why not make a box theatre and film your sock people in crazy conversation? Points awarded for the number of sock puns you can shoehorn in.

Next time we’ll have some fun uses for old socks for the crafters and DIYers among you! Don’t forget to send us your photos!

And if you’re more of the green-fingered type we think you might be interested in this article by sustainability heroes Yuzu Magazine on composting clothing – yes that’s right some old clothes can actually go in the compost pile! We were shocked too ?