Independent Retailer Month – Time To Go Local!

Truro shopping street

July is Independent Retailer Month, and here at Doris & Dude we’re getting behind the campaign to go local!

As you know, we are a small business, but did you know that we also distribute our totally lush and super soft bamboo socks through a network of around 250 independent retailers across the UK and Europe?

We love our independent retailers, and we’d love for you to love them too! Here’s why we think you should shop local this July:

Choosing small local businesses supports your local economy. Local businesses often choose to support others like themselves in their area and create a network of support for each other. Figures suggest that for every £1 spent in a local business, 63p of that stays local.  And of course they pay rates that support local councils in delivering services to their communities, anything from allotments to libraries, transport, recreation and much more besides. And don’t forget the people employed by these businesses – there may not seem to be many of them, but in fact last year around 60% of employed people in Britain were with a small or medium sized business and they rely on the success of that little shop!

It’s good for the environment. If you choose to shop local, you might also choose to leave the car at home… We don’t need to tell you lot (we know how good you are) that a nice walk or bike ride into town is good for your soul (and your waistline) and the planet. And using the bus can save the hassle of hectic town driving and parking – we know what we prefer!

You will probably find something totally awesome. When you shop at a small business, chances are you’ll find amazing, unusual, products that you simply don’t see mass produced and piled high in the big chains. Fill your house, your wardrobe, your garden with fabulous things! And if you’re gift shopping for someone it really is a no-brainer.

So, off you go folks, out into your own local towns, to seek out 5.5 million brilliant little business that will truly value your support! And if you find something you love, why not give them a shout on social media to help spread the word – #indieretail

Doris & Dude