How to care for your Doris & Dudes

Each time we wave off a pair of our socks into the big wide world, we always hope they’ll find loving new owners who’ll care for them (almost) as much as we do.

What? That’s you?… Then naturally you’ll want to keep your favourite new socks as lush, colourful and supersoft as the day you got them. In fact, there’s a slight risk you may never want to take them off.*

*Please note: We cannot take any responsibility for sock separation anxiety.

That’s why we’ve included long-lasting recycled polyester and just a smidgen of elastane in our magical bamboo sock formula, to help keep them ship-shape (well, sock-shape, actually), for as long as possible.

If you can bear to part with them for the duration of a wash cycle (they’ll be ok – they’ve got each other), here’s how to help keep all that natural goodness locked into your Doris & Dude socks, wash after wash:

Washing & Care Instructions

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They do love a nice hot bath, but not scalding.
40° will do nicely (or lower if you want to help the planet).

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Use your usual colour-friendly soap powder and softener to help keep them looking great. Harsh chemicals like bleach will turn them old and grey before their time.

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Like us, they prefer to hang outside. Start blowing a load of hot air at them, and you might find they come out a lesser sock than when they went in. Save the rough and tumble for your next outdoor adventure, we say. 

We get it. You want the best for your socks – of course you do. But, honestly, they’d prefer not to accompany your nice suit or posh frock to the dry-cleaners. They’d much rather stay at home with you.

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Who even irons socks, anyway?

Another note: Please remove socks from feet prior to washing.

At the end of their lively adventure, a gentle stretch will help keep your socks supple. As soon as they’re dry, give them a quick pull to reassemble, and promptly return the joy to your feet (preferably before they notice they’re naked).


Size Guide UK Size EU Size
Mens 7-11 41-45
Mens XL 11-14 46-50
Womens 3-7 36-40
Kids 9-12 27-31
Kids XL 12-3 31-36



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