Daddy Cool

Check out our picks for Fathers Day - cool socks for cool dads!

Heads up – Sunday 21st June is Fathers’ Day so get ahead of the game now with a cool gift for a cool dad, from that’s right, a cool sock company ?

Socks are a classic gift for Dads, and there’s good reason for that (new socks are USEFUL). But this year switch it up with some bright colours and funky designs that are sure to raise a smile on Fathers’ Day. And with a winning formula of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton you can rest easy knowing your choice is doing its own little bit to help keep the planet cool too.

Here are a few thoughts to get you going…

Doris & Dude

A Superfood for a Superdad!

Blue Avocado UK size 11-14 (also available size 7-11)

Doris & Dude

Lookin’ good in geometrics

Green Triangle UK size 7-11

Doris & Dude

Sheep are a Doris & Dude best seller

Green Sheep UK size 7-11

Doris & Dude

Stripes are always a crowd pleaser!

Blue Stripe UK size 7-11

Doris & Dude

Man’s Best Friend

Grey Dog UK size 7-11

Browse and filter through our new look webshop to discover more nature inspired, funky design, super soft and totally lush socks to find the perfect pair for your dad this Fathers’ Day.