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Mum’s The Word

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Mothers’ Day falls slightly earlier this year, on 14th March (yes just one month away) so make sure you’ve got something to make your mum smile on the day. We’re all for flowers and chocolates of course (who doesn’t love those?!), but this year why not add a little something extra, something a bit less ordinary, to Mum’s treats..?

Yep, you’ve guessed it, we’re talking socks! But socks from Doris & Dude are not just any socks. Our socks are made to a super soft and sustainable formula with bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester, so they’re as kind to the planet as they are to your feet. And what’s more they come in a fantastic array of bright and bold colours, perfect for Spring, and a whole host of funky designs inspired by nature, so we’re pretty confident there’s something to suit every Mum.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

New designs from the latest collection for Spring/Summer 2021

Toast Socks

These beauties are extra thick and super lush, ideal for spending the day in boots out exploring the countryside or working in the garden.


No-one can deny the cuteness of matchies for mum and kids! These designs are available in womens UK 3-7 as well as kids UK 9-12 and 12-3.

Knee Length

We have it on good authority that our knee lengths are a great gift for mums!

Easyfit Socks

Our Easyfit range is designed for people who suffer with swollen legs, ankles or feet, for example as a result of diabetes or oedema. With a conical shape and gentle grip they are super comfy and don’t restrict blood flow to the feet. Plus there is not a boring plain design in sight!

Happy Mother’s Day from Doris & Dude!

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Think there’s no romance in socks? WRONG!

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If you love your other half almost as much as you love saving the planet, then look no further for your perfect Valentines gift!

A sustainable and super soft pair of Doris & Dude socks, made with bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester are as kind to the planet as they are to your feet, and come in hoards of cute and funky designs. Guaranteed to raise a smile every time you put them on in the morning!

So here are our picks for Valentines Day from the latest collection for Spring/Summer 2021:

Lobsters – UK 3-7 & UK 7-11

Lobsters may not be a traditional symbol of love but ever since THAT line from Phoebe Buffay in 90s hit comedy Friends the lobster has become just as much, in fact arguably more, romantic than a bunch of roses or box of chocolates. Plus in his ‘n’ hers sizes you can wear them together for double the love.

Foxes – UK 3-7 & UK 7-11

If you’re lucky enough to have a foxy lady, or a silver fox in your life these are the love socks for you. If you want to make any other Valentines puns on the fox theme they’re probably best kept between the two of you.

Rhinos – UK 3-7 & UK 7-11

A rhino always has the horn. Say no more on that one I think.

Seagulls – UK 3-7 & UK 7-11

What love is there greater than that of a seagull for a stolen pasty? Yours of course!

Seals – UK 3-7

If you want your gift ‘sealed’ with a kiss these cute socks are perfect for the lucky lady.

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Grey Seal Socks | UK Size 3-7 (EU 36-40)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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Socks To Make You Smile This Christmas

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Christmas 2020 is going to be different, no doubt about that. But here at D&D, just like our bold and colourful socks we like to look on the bright side of life (go on, sing it out, you know you want to!).

This year there are bubbles and video calls to think of, travel deadlines and social distancing, but giving thoughtful gifts and making people smile are something that doesn’t have to change!

At Doris & Dude this year we’ve brought you dozens of new designs in our Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, a new size range for the youngsters in UK 9-12 and the brand new Easy Fit range, alongside our existing mens, womens, kids (UK 12-3) and Toast ranges. All our new products are made to the same high standards of comfort and sustainability as ever, using our super soft sock formula with bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester, so you know your gifts won’t cost the Earth.

We’ve gathered up a few of our favourites to get you thinking. Order before 18th December for delivery in time for Christmas.

Christmas Socks

Get festive with these fun designs!

Socks For Him

Dad, Husband, Grandad – choose socks to make him smile

Socks For Her

The Lady in your life will love these bright styles

Kids Socks

UK 9-12 for the little ones, and 12-3 for the older ones

Easy Fit

Ideal for those with larger calves or health conditions causing swelling such as oedema or diabetes, and no boring colours or dull designs to be seen!


Super thick and extra lush, these winter warmers are a treat for your feet

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Green Is The New Black

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Black Friday – 27th November 2020 – is now the busiest shopping day of the year, but we believe Green is the new Black and Green Friday is here!

We are joining the Green Friday movement, in asking shoppers to think before they spend. Instead of automatically heading to giant corporations for your Christmas gift shopping, take a look around you and find the little gems, the small businesses, trying to make a positive change with eco-friendly and sustainable goods. They need your support more than ever this year.

To do our bit, at Doris & Dude this year we’ll be donating one pair of our lush bamboo and organic cotton socks to the Newquay Drop In and Share Centre for every two pairs purchased in a single transaction over the Green Friday period (13th November – 4th December). DISC Newquay is a local charity that offers food, clothing and other support to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and we look forward to being able to help them serve our community.

You can also rest easy knowing that your Doris & Dude gifts are kind to the planet as well as your feet. Made with bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester, our socks (as well as being super lush and comfy) are a sustainable choice that won’t cost the Earth. With a huge range of fun designs for all the family you are sure to find a pair of socks to make you smile!

Check out our materials blogs to find out why the ingredients of our super soft sock formula are so important to us:

So make 2020 the year you ditch the frantic deal hunting and instead choose great quality products at a fair price, and look forward to a Christmas where your mindful and meaningful gifts do more.

Shop Christmas Socks:

Shop The Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection:

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Treat Your Feet with Beeutiful Foot Balm

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Well summer is now upon us, and with the much anticipated rise in temperatures and long sunny days gracing us, dare we say it, some of you may be casting off your beloved D&Ds occasionally to let your feet get the fresh air 😲

I’ll admit it, even here at D&D HQ there have been some barefoot moments lately, and if you’re anything like us the sight of your feet may have brought on a gasp of horror. Dry, cracked heels, dehydrated skin, and let’s not even start on the nails. A winter of neglect has taken its toll.

Luckily for all of us our friends at Beeutiful Skincare have the perfect remedy in their fabulous Foot Balm. This refreshing minty balm for tired, overworked feet has antiseptic as well as rejuvenating properties to put a spring back in your step. A blend of olive, calendula, peppermint, spearmint and tea tree oils are locked together in a beeswax and cocoa butter base to give your feet maximum hydration and ensure they are left feeling refreshed and soothed. *Breathes sigh of bliss and relief.

Beeutiful products are 100% natural, and the beeswax contained in their Foot Balm comes direct from their very own hives, with no nasty hidden chemicals added. Now you can see why we love them so much!

So grab yourselves a little tub of beautifully natural Beeutiful Foot Balm, and get those feet ready for summer!

And if you want to learn more about Beeutiful Skincare you can read our previous blog about them right here.

Love bees? Here are the socks for you:

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Daddy Cool

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Heads up – Sunday 21st June is Fathers’ Day so get ahead of the game now with a cool gift for a cool dad, from that’s right, a cool sock company 😉

Socks are a classic gift for Dads, and there’s good reason for that (new socks are USEFUL). But this year switch it up with some bright colours and funky designs that are sure to raise a smile on Fathers’ Day. And with a winning formula of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton you can rest easy knowing your choice is doing its own little bit to help keep the planet cool too.

Here are a few thoughts to get you going…

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A Superfood for a Superdad!

Blue Avocado UK size 11-14 (also available size 7-11)

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Lookin’ good in geometrics

Green Triangle UK size 7-11

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Sheep are a Doris & Dude best seller

Green Sheep UK size 7-11

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Stripes are always a crowd pleaser!

Blue Stripe UK size 7-11

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Man’s Best Friend

Grey Dog UK size 7-11

Browse and filter through our new look webshop to discover more nature inspired, funky design, super soft and totally lush socks to find the perfect pair for your dad this Fathers’ Day.

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Send a little sunshine/bright beautiful socks this Easter!

Womens Sheep bamboo socks - blue and green

Easter is fast approaching (Sunday!) and it’s probably shaping up to be a bit different to the Easter celebrations you had in mind a few weeks ago.

Hopefully many of you will still be able to give the mini-dudes their Easter eggs and maybe do a traditional egg hunt or a few games around the garden – the beautiful spring weather lately is certainly something we can be thankful for, even if we can only enjoy it from our own back gardens and balconies!

At present, we are still fulfilling orders as usual, so if you’re looking for a little gift to send to loved ones who can’t share your Sunday roast this Easter, we have some sock suggestions for you below that are sure to brighten their day!

Remember all our socks are made with eco-friendly bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester so they won’t cost us the Earth, and of course they are super comfy and super lush! Plus, for every pair of socks bought through our website this month, we will donate a pair to someone working their socks off at our local NHS Hospital – the Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske.

Nothing says Easter more than a lovely woolly sheep! But which colour?

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Daisies are appearing in the lawn, and now you can have them on your socks too!

Pink Flower | UK Size 3-7

The birds and the bees

Happy Easter from Doris & Dude, and don’t forget to follow us on social media! x
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Mothers’ Day Treats

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22nd March 2020 is Mothers’ Day, just two weeks away, so you should all be starting to think of how you’re going to treat Mum this year.

Nice lunch, bunch of flowers, box of chocs – we’re all in favour, but how about adding a little surprise gift this year?  Having something to unwrap is a nice touch and will probably be an unexpected treat.

A carefully chosen pair of super soft Doris & Dude bamboo socks is a great choice – sustainably sourced from the fastest growing plant on the planet, plus organic cotton with no nasty pesticides or fertilisers used in production, they are kind to the planet and bound to raise a smile in their fun designs!

And with our brand new spring/summer 2020 collection launched just this month, there is a huge range of funky new designs to choose from, so you can choose something that will suit your mum down to the ground.

Here’s a few suggestions to get you going:

Flowers – perfectly pretty and ideal for spring

Nature watchers – cute and comfy, mum will love showing these off

Pet lovers – is your mum a crazy cat lady, or dotty about dogs?

Knee length – ideal for keeping your pins warm until spring!

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Blue Seagull

Browse and filter your way to the perfect socks on the Doris & Dude webshop, and let us know what your Mum’s getting this Mothers’ Day!

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Roses are red, chocolates are brown, but socks last longer than both!

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Valentines’ Day is now two weeks away. Time to get cracking. Whether you’re planning an elaborate date night, or a “Netflix-and-chill” type evening in, a little gift goes a long way to show someone you thought of them.

So this year why not try something different and give a pair of funky Doris & Dude bamboo and organic cotton socks? They don’t bust a new year’s resolution like a box of Milk Tray, they won’t wilt in a week, they’re useful, and they’re kind to the planet – excellent choice!

And with over 80 funky designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something that the Doris or Dude in your life will smile at.

You could go cute with love hearts:

You could go functional with super thick Toast socks for winter warmth:

You could go funny, with a style for say, a frog prince…

You could look for an unusual design that says something about you, your other half, or your story together, whatever that may be:

Plus a whole host of spots, stripes and patterns, so you’re bound to find one in their favourite colour! 😊

Happy Valentines Day!

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Step into Christmas (socks)!

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The decorations are up (you nearly got frostbite fixing up the front of your house), the Christmas songs are blaring (Mariah’s got nothing on you Doris), the Mini-Dudes get more and more frenzied with every passing day, and we LOVE IT!

Yes, Christmas is so very nearly upon us and it’s time to get those gift lists ticked off so you can sit back and tuck into a mince pie or six.

Now, call us predictable, but we think socks are the perfect pressie for ANYONE. But these aren’t just socks, these are Doris & Dude socks (Definitely not ripping off anyone else’s line there. Nope.) Our socks are super lush and super comfy, made with organic cotton and bamboo, making them toe-crunchingly good to get your feet into AND kind to the planet. Not to mention they come in a huge array of funky designs so you can choose a sock that says something to someone this Christmas.

  • Big feet, big socks. That’s what they say, and if the Dude on your Christmas list can put the paper chains up without a stretch try D&D socks in UK size 11-14.

How about this Magenta Stripe design?

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  • Winter warmers. Perfect for winter walks or just chillin’ at home, our new Toast socks are extra thick and have to be squidged to be believed. Lush.
  • Read more in our Toast blog.
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An image relating to Doris & Dude socks
  • Cool Christmas styles. From polar bears to puddings we’ve got Christmas socks covered!
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An image relating to Doris & Dude socks
An image relating to Doris & Dude socks
An image relating to Doris & Dude socks
  • Kids. Call them stocking fillers if you like but D&D kids socks in UK sizes 12-3 are all killer no filler!
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An image relating to Doris & Dude socks
  • Loooong socks. Knee length socks really are a gift at this time of year. We’ve tried tights under trousers and it’s just annoying. Much better option here.

(Calf length pictured)

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This blog would be way too long if we listed every single fantastic design we have to offer! So get to the online shop, browse and filter, and find perfect socks for everyone.

And if you’ve got the office secret santa coming up, we’ve got that covered too, in our previous blog post – Secret Santa Sorted.

Right, heads up for the important part – last orders for Christmas are Thursday 19th by 1pm. Write it down.

Now, where are those mince pies. Pass the brandy butter. *gives contented sigh*